Make A Wish of Oregon

Make A Wish of Oregon

Merry Christmas 

Welcome to Magical Lights on 63rd St.


16304 NE 63rd st

Vancouver WA, 98682


January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!!! Thank You all for a wonderful Christmas. I had fun talking to everyone I could. Glad everyone enjoyed the light display. I very Big Thank You for the support. We raised 6307.66 for Make A Wish of Oregon! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Novemeber 3, 2014

Wow time has flown by… I can't beleive it is almost time to start the display. Setup is going quite well. I am actually ahead of the curve now. But that can change still have one more big hurdle to jump and that will be this next weekend. After that I will be moving along nicely. Little behind on programming but once most of the backbone and stuff setup I can concentrate on that more. We will again Be accectping Donation for Make A Wish of Oregon©. This was my mom favoite Charity. So again I choose to benefit this worthy casue. Check back more for more updates. 


Please see Times and Directions for up to date information. This year I will be closing the Display for two nights. Dec 9th-10th reopen the 11th. 






A Christmas Enthusiast Prayer

As I untangle strings of Christmas lights, Lord help me to remember that I do this first to honor You. Never let me get so prideful of my display that I fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child or the joy on the faces of those who are still children at heart. Never let me forget that my total effort is to make Christmas memories, bring cheer and to slow down the pace of a hectic season if only for a moment. And Lord, someday when I meet you face to face, may I hear you say:

“When you made My people smile, you made Me smile.”

Author: Mira Moore


Email: magicallightson63rdst@gmail.com